Guidelines for Poster Presenters


Posters Timetable
Deadline for posters to be printed by local organizer (optional) *
Friday, 10 June
Deadline for delivering poster PDF for website Friday, 17 June
Deadline for delivering slide for poster presentation Friday, 17 June
Display set-up Tuesday, 28 June
Wednesday, 29 June
12.00 – 18.00
08.00 – 12.00
Opening Hours Wednesday, 29 June
Thursday, 30 June
Friday, 1 July
10.00 – 17.30
08.00 – 17.30
08.00 – 13.30
Display dismantle Friday, 1 July 13:30 – 16.00


Info for designers

Each presenter will have one face of a portrait-oriented poster board to mount their work on. Any printed materials can be mounted on the boards.

  • Maximum size of the mounting area is 117 x 96 cm
  • Recommended size for a single large poster is 100 x 90 cm


PDF versions will be featured on the website ( right after the opening of the poster session.

* Printing and Delivery

The local LIBER organizer offers the option of getting accepted posters printed at cost price and delivered directly to the conference venue for pick up. No extra costs, no need to think of carrying it, no fear of damage or loss.

The price for a poster size 100 x 90 cm is á 45€ (including delivery). The posters will be printed on matt 140 g/m 2 paper.

  • Size: 100 x 90 cm
  • Format: PDF
  • Colour space: CMYK
  • Fonts: embedded in the document or tranformed into graphics
  • Visuals: No special requirements for vektor drawings. Pixel pictures 300ppi.
  • Please check the quality of your document by enlarging it to its actual (100%) size.
  • The local organizer will check the quality before printing and ask for modifications if needed.

Posters to be printed by the local organizer should be sent as PDF files to by 10 June 2016. The PDFs can be delivered as e-mail attachments or via a download service (ex. WeTransfer, Dropbox etc.). Please include the desired size for the poster in your message. Posters will be picked up and payed at the registration desk by cash or credit card. The local LIBER organizer is not responsible for any further shipments of posters.

NOTE: In case poster authors prefer to print their own posters, they should bring them along when they arrive. The local organizer will not receive any deliveries and is not responsible for any delivery costs. Please send a PDF of your poster to by 17 June 2016 to be featured on the website (


All poster presenters will mount their own posters during Tuesday or on Wednesday morning. The poster exhibition will be located in the foyer of the Congress Hall. Push pins will be available on site.

Poster Sessions and Poster Presentations

Poster presenters are invited to present their posters in plenary during the conference plenary in the Congress Hall on Thursday at 11.45 and at 14.35. Check your slot from the Poster Exhibition -page. Each presenter will have exactly 1 minute to present and may only use 1 slide. Please send your slide in advance to by Friday 17th of June at the latest.

Authors of posters are kindly asked to present their work and answer questions during the Conference days. The presenters may wish to indicate on the poster board when they will be available at the poster exhibition.